«The Snow Queen» — is a new 3D animation feature based on a famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

Wishing to create a New world – where clearness of lines replaces emotions and the polar wind cools human souls, the Snow Queen is trying to find and destroy all artists and their successors.

The film represents fascinating travel of Gerda trying to find her brother Kai on the boundless spaces of the fantastic country bewitched by the Snow Queen. During this travel Gerda faces difficult obstacles and finds new friends…

This project is scheduled for theatrical release in Russia and CIS on December 31st, 2012.

Animation Studio Wizart Animation
Co-producers Bazelevs, Inlay Film
Directed by Maxim Sveshnikov, Vladlen Barbe
Written by Maxim Sveshnikov, Vladlen Barbe
Original music by Mark Willott
Soundtrack Brainstorm (Prata Vetra), Nyusha
Cast Ivan Okhlobystin, Nyusha, Anna Ardova, Ramilya Iskander, Dmitry Nagiyev, Lisa Arzamasova, Galina Tyunina, Yuri Stoyanov, Lyudmila Artemyeva
Producers Yuri Moskvin, Vladimir Nikolayev, Olga Sinelshchikova Sergey Rapoport, Alexander Ligay, Timur Bekmambetov

Wizart Animation is one of the fast growing computer animation studios in Russia.

Wizart’s main objective is to develop, produce and distribute high-quality family animated feature films and animated series with great combination of computer innovative technologies and brilliant touching stories for children and adults who believe in miracles.

The company’s portfolio contains animation projects on the diverse stages of production. The main project of 2012 is a magic 3D story The Snow Queen (co-produced with Bazelevs and Inlay Film). Wizart animation has also in production an animated feature film Sheep’n’Wolves and as well as an animated TV-series currently in development.


Bazelevs Group of Companies was founded in 1994 by director and producer Timur Bekmambetov.

Bazelevs produces commercials and films, some of which have made it to the top of the Russian distribution list like “The Irony of Fate. Continuation”, “Black Lightning”, “Lucky Trouble”, “Yolki” and “Yolki 2012”. Basically Bazelevs Production is focused on action, family and comedy movies, which are distributing successfully on both domestic and international movie markets. Bazelevs collaborates with the Russia’s major television and radio channels and such film studios as Universal, 20th Century Fox, Focus Features and many others.

In January 2010 the founder of Bazelevs Timur Bekmambetov was announced as The Best Producer Of The Year in the nomination “Film-Animation” for his “9” by the American Producers Guild. In spring 2012 on the annual American movie industry exhibition in Las Vegas CinemaCon Timur Bekmambetov was awarded with “International Filmmaker of the Year”.

This summer a new Hollywood blockbuster “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” was released by 20th Century Fox. The film was directed and co-produced by Timur Bekmambetov, along with Tim Burton. At the moment Bazelevs has finished the production period of a new project “Gentlemen of Fortune”, which is a remake of one of the biggest Soviet blockbusters. It will be released in January, 2013.


INLAY Film is a full service production company that creates, develops and produces the projects, and promotes animation content in Russian and International markets.

The company specializes in creating and production of animation features for children.

INLAY Film's portfolio includes several animation projects such as a full-length 3D animated feature film The Snow Queen (co-produced with Wizart Animation and Bazelevs), 2D animated feature How to Catch a Feather of the Firebird (co-produced with Wizart Animation and «CTB» Film Company, produced by RUSSOBIT-M), a full-length 3D project Pinocchio (produced by «INLAY STUDIO»).


Filme „Sniego karalienė 3D“ ryškūs moterų personažai ir atstumia, ir žavi

Jau šį penktadienį, vasario 22 d., Lietuvos didžiuosiuose ekranuose pasirodanti „Sniego karalienė“ – sena pasaka, įvilkta į naują 3D rūbą. Kaip ir daugelyje Hanso Kristiano Anderseno kūrinių, juostoje„Sniego karalienė“, dailiosios lyties atstovės labai skirtingos. Moterų personažai valdingi, švelnūs, griežti ir subtilūs. Visos be išimties – nepaprastai spalvingos asmenybės.

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Source: Alfa.lt

"The Snow Queen" will take part in Festival of Animated Films in Suzdal

For the first time in the history of the domestic animation, industry has created a number of “full-length”, that these films will be announced in a separate category. Suppose that on a global scale is not a huge number - only 5 pictures, but it's certainly a phenomenon in the industry - the director of the Festival, Alexander Gerasimov.

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Source: RIA Voronezh

ESTREIA-Animação O Reino Gelado adapta conto de Hans Christian Andersen

Ao contrário das animações dos últimos tempos, “O Reino Gelado” não é uma comédia, mas uma aventura em tom de fábula.

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Source: Reuters SÃO PAULO

Baseado em conto de Andersen, 'O Reino Gelado' estreia este mês nos cinemas

O mundo está coberto com gelo no novo filme “O Reino Gelado”, que estreia no dia 22 de fevereiro e terá cópias em 2D e 3D. A responsável por tanto frio é a Rainha da Neve, cujo objetivo principal é esfriar as almas humanas com seu vento polar.

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Wizart enchants buyers with Snow Queen

EXCLUSIVE: Russia’s Wizart Animation has announced key sales at the EFM on its 3D epic The Snow Queen produced by Timur Bekmambetov and has lined up a sequel for 2014.

Rights to Wizart have gone to CCS Media for South Korea, MT Entertainment for Indonesia, PlayArte for Brazil, Film House for Israel, Shooting Stars for the Middle East, Big Sales for Baltic States and Aurora Distribution for the Ukraine

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Source: Screen Daily

Wizart Closes New Sales for The Snow Queen

Wizart closes sales for its 3D-animated film, “The Snow Queen,” across multiple territories.
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Source: Animation World Network

La Wizart Animation annuncia a Berlino la realizzazione del sequel del film d’animazione The Snow Queen

Prossimamente potremmo vedere anche nei cinema italiani il film d’animazione russo The Snow Queen, prodotto da Timur Bekmambetov. La Wizart Animation ha annunciato che venderà i diritti distributivi del film in questi giorni all’European Film Market a Berlino.
Il film, diretto e sceneggiato da Maxim Sveshnikov e Vlad Barbe, è basato sulla famosa favola di Hans Christian Andersen e racconta la storia di Kai, un ragazzino rapito dalla regina delle nevi che ha coperto il mondo con una coperta di neve e ghiaccio, e di sua sorella Gerda, che attraverserà queste terre fredde e desolate per salvarlo. La colonna sonora, in lingua inglese e russa, è stata realizzata da Mark Willot e comprende canzoni della cantante russa Nyusha.

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Source: ScreenWeek.it

"The Snow Queen" is in international distribution

The first of the international releases has already taken place in the past weekend. With the box office $525,000 “The Snow Queen” took fifth place in the South Korean charts. To get so high in charts abroad for the Russian project is definitely an achievement.

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Source: Kinopoisk

The Snow Queen 3D

A Success Story
Released in theaters across Russia and the CIS territories over the New Year 2013 holiday, The Snow Queen has grossed $8.8 million US (as of February 1, 2013) in those markets, recording more than 1.3 million admissions in Russia and Ukraine.

“We’re thrilled to see international buyers responding so well to this iconic fairy tale which is already so beloved by Russian movie-goers,” said Yuri Moskvin, Wizart Animation general producer. “With its cutting-edge story-telling and remarkable stereoscopic 3D effects, The Snow Queen highlights the capabilities of a new generation of Russian filmmakers and animators to create first-class family entertainment for a global audience. Following the success of The Snow Queen, Wizart Animation has started to produce the sequel, which is preliminary scheduled for 2014.“

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Source: StereoscopyNews

The Snow Queen will be released in Brazil and Middle East

BERLIN, Feb. 10 - RIA Novosti, Maria Tokmasheva. Russian animated film “The Snow Queen” by Wizart Animation, purchased for display in Brazil, South Korea, Israel, Indonesia and the Middle East, told RIA Novosti on Sunday, representatives of the studio.

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Source: RIA Novosti

Wizart Animation at EFM 2013

Wizart Animation studio will present its projects - 3D animated features The Snow Queen, Sheep'n'Wolves during European Film Market 2013 Berlin International Film Festival that will take place in Berlin, Germany February 7-15, 2013.


MGB 104, BOOTH 6

The Snow Queen | Snezhnaya koroleva screening will be held on FEBRUARY 12TH, 9.30 AM (CINESTAR 7, Sony Center, Potsdamer Straße 4, Berlin).

Exhibitors List at EFM 2013

Release of "The Snow Queen" on DVD and Blu-Ray

Animated film “Snow Queen”, which was successfully launched in the domestic and international release last year and has already won fans among the family audience released on DVD and Blu-Ray. DVD, Blu-Ray and Real 3D Blu-Ray, released by Misteriya Zvuka will be on sale since January 31st. In a deluxe edition of the DVD audience will appreciate the film in 2D and 3D, 3D glasses attached to the discs.

Page of The Snow Queen at Misteriya Zvuka

Hot ice of "The Snow Queen"

“The Snow Queen” 3D animated feature continues to march at Riga screens for the second week. The premiere took place on December 27th at the same time with its country of origin Russia. Now it is available at Multikino and Cinamon in Russian and Latvian versions.

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Source: Vesti Segodnya

"The Snow Queen"

New animated version of Hans Christian Andersen's “The Snow Queen” released for New Year holiday season at the cinema screens of Vologda.

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Source: Krasniy Sever

Here comes the video for the FLASHLIGHT, soundtrack from the 3D animation film "The Snow Queen".
"The Snow Queen" in Latvia

View image gallery here
Source: TVNET.LV

Brainstorm presented "The Snow Queen" 3D animated film in Latvia

Instead of sending greeting cards to friends for Christmas holidays, Brainstorm, which created the title soundtrack for “The Snow Queen” 3D animated film, gathered its friends in Riga at the premiere in the Multikino cinema. “Today is a special day for us, when we can meet in person our friends, who we usually send greeting cards ” - said guitarist Jānis Jubalts.

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Source: TVNET.LV

Review of the film "The Snow Queen": Ivan Okhlobystin - excellent Troll

December 31st, 2012 starts distribution in Russia of the animated fairy tale “The Snow Queen” (Distributor – Bazelevs Distribution). Preview screenings starts on the 27th of December . The film was created by the Voronezh animation studio Wizart Animation. Directors Maksim Sveshnikov and Vladlen Barbe worked three years together with animators (the crew has about one hundred employees) from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Omsk and other cities of Russia and Ukraine.

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"Parliament cinemaclub" held a moving-picture show for kids

The Committee of Culture and the Trade Union Committee of the State Duma, with the active support of the Association of animation cinema and Wizart Animation Studio organized screening of the new animated film The Snow Queen, produced by directors Maxim Sveshnikov and Vladlen Barbe.
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Source: State Duma Culture Committee Official Website

Voronezh citizens saw "The Snow Queen"

We employ people of 16 professions, most of which are not taught in schools, - the Roman Svistanyuk, lead animator. - We teach specialist ourselves and are going to open a school at the state university.
On the screens in front of him relentlessly galloped netted dog framed yellow arches and squares. Seemed the dog runs in the apparatus Yelizarov. In fact the way it is - the arc and square controls the movement of individual body parts - legs to bend the right direction and pulled to the desired length.
A dog is from the different tale - cartoon «Sheep&Wolves» , at which the work has just begun.

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Source: Russian Newspaper Official Website

Premiere of "The Snow Queen" in Moscow

Timur Bekmambetov presented in Moscow his new producer project - a fairy tale “The Snow Queen”. Cartoon, which became another adaptation of the ageless fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, was voiced by several well-known Russian actors, which were the main guests of the premiere. Ksenia Sobchak arrived to congratulate Bekmambetov. She gave away a lot of autographs to the cartoon devoted fans - children, for whom the “Snow Queen” was a good opportunity to bring closer the New Year holidays.

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Source: Buro 24/7

Celebrities rated new cold villain

Image story here

Source: StarHit.Ru

Star guests of "The Snow Queen" cartoon Moscow premiere

Image story here
Source: Spletnik

The Russian premiere of the animated film "The Snow Queen" In Moscow

Just before the New Year “The Snow Queen” will be released for the world distribution. The film was produced at Voronezh animation studio, but at a Hollywood scale. In 3D, for $ 7 million with 1000 special effects.
We have been working at it for three years. The story is classic, although there are new heroes. Dmitry Kchrustaliov reports in a new way about the old tale.

"The Snow Queen" new cartoon of the New Year!

“The Snow Queen” will indeed be understood by even the youngest. After all, the truths, which transmits the picture are the copybook maxims. It's family values, friendship, and dedication in the name of these very values.

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Source: Tenstars

"The Snow Queen" at MTV News Block
The brand new video for animation film "The Snow Queen" soundtrack "Gori,Gori,Jasno"

Video for the English version of the song “Flashlight” coming soon!

The brand new video “Gori,Gori,Jasno”/url]

December 31st in Russia will premiere animated film "The Snow Queen"

“The film shows that it was made by a person who created and wrote that story himself. And the film is very much all-in-one, which is very difficult to accomplish. When you watch American cartoons, they are all a set variety of gags, in fact, the story within it does not have the most important role. Here, in general, the situation is different, ”- said Bekmambetov.

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Source: MIR TV Channel Official Web Site

Brainstorm and Nyusha will meet at the premiere screening of "The Snow Queen"

Premiere of the animated film “The Snow Queen”, the title role in which voiced singer Nyusha, will be held in “October” cinema on December 23. The event are going to visit Victoria Tolstoganova Christina Babushkina, Anna Banshchikova, Maxim Vitorgan, Valeriy Todorovski, Nonna Grishaeva with kids and others.

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Source: Inermedia

Preview of the animated film "The Snow Queen"

Preview of the animated film “The Snow Queen” directed by Maxim Sveshnikov and Vladlen Barbe as a part of the multimedia project “RIA-Art”.
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Prāta Vētra - FLASHLIGHT!

Main sountrack song from wonderful 3D animation film Snow Queen / The Snow Queen! Lyrics by the one and only Fran Healy from Travis!
Listen at Soundcloud

"The Snow Queen" coming soon in Latvia with the song by Prāta Vētra

December 27th Multikino Rīga Plaza hosts a presentation of “The Snow Queen”. Main theme soundtrack “Gori Gori Jasno“ was written and performed by Prāta Vētra. ”Gori Gori Jasno" is the Russian version of the track Gara diena from the latest album of Prāta Vētra. For international distribution soundtrack was recorded in English and is called Flashlight. Lyrics for Flashlight was written by Fran Healy, the lead singer and songwriter of the famous British band Travis.
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Source: DELFI Showtime

"The Snow Queen" at the opening of Karo Film Yekaterinburg

The viewers of the first screening at the new cinema Karo Film in Yekaterinburg were 70 children from orphanage № 5, 7, and the Center for Social Support to Families and Children “Karavellal”. Young viewers were first in the city to see “The Snow Queen” - an exclusive copy of the film was brought to Yekaterinburg especially for the opening of the theater. Many of the children were in the cinema first time. They were absolutely delighted (especially by the 3D glasses). Everybody liked the film very much.
View photos at The Snow Queen Facebook Page

On the 24th of December Ivan Okhlobystin will present "The Snow Queen" 3D animated feature in Voronezh

Famous actor arrives to the the cartoon premiere at"Spartacus" cinema.

Full story here: http://www.kp.ru/online/news/1321475/

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda Online

"The Snow Queen"

Animated story about the adventures of a brother and sister, of sincere feelings, true friendship, and that the ones who trust themselves always wins , made in 3D Stereoscopic format and is full special effects. This is the first Russian project of this size and scale, comparable to the best western works of this genre. By efforts of Vadim Sveshnikov and Vladlen Barbe the tale's plot has undergone some changes and became more modern. December 14th cartoon creators presented their work to the journalists in GUM cinema.

Full story here: http://www.aprilclub.net/content/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3156:brainstorm-lr-l-r&catid=2:films&Itemid=187

Source: April Club News

"The Snow Queen" rolls out in theaters late December

December 14th GUM cinema hosted press screening and press conference of the new 3D-animated feature "The Snow Queen" produced by Wizart Animation on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The project development was focused on domestic and international distribution (now voiced by the Russian and English languages).

Full story here: http://wecherom.ru/snow-queen-wizart-animation-bazelevs-inlay/

Source: VecheromRu

"The Snow Queen" starts with video games

Russian and U.S. App Store released three free games based on the animated fieature "The Snow Queen" sheduled for realease on 31st of December 2012.

Full story here: http://www.varietyrussia.com/news/show/name/Snezhnaya_koroleva_nachinaet_s_videoigr

Source: VarietyRussia

"The Snow Queen": Russian trailer premiere

We just got word that the Russian trailer for "The Snow Queen" is going to be premiering today, November 6th! Russian audience will see a new version of trailer for "The Snow Queen" voiced by Russian celebrities - Ivan Okhlobystin, Nuysha, Dmitry Nagiev, Yuri Stoyanov, Lyudmila Artemjeva, Anna Ardova and Lisa Arzamasova. The Russian trailer premiere is hosted by Kinopoisk.ru. Check it out below: http://www.kinopoisk.ru/film/573621/video/t/70978/

"The Snow Queen" English trailer release at AFM was supported by Animation Magazine, Cartoon Brew, AWN and Los-Angeles Times.

More info here: http://wizartfilm.com/about/press

Wizart Animation at American Film Market in Santa Monica

Wizart Animation studio will present its projects - 3D animated features The Snow Queen, Sheep'n'Wolves and animated series in production - during American Film Market that will take place in Los Angeles, California from 31st of October to 7th of November 2012.

As part of the expo, Wizart Animation studio will be screening full version of “The Snow Queen” animated feature. The screening will be held on November 1st at 9am, at AMC-1 (1310 3rd Street Promenade, Arizona Ave, Santa Monica).

Meet Wizart Animation studio at AFM: AFM STAND LOEWS #305

To schedule a meeting, please contact:

Lika Sidorova,

Chief Sales and Development Officer

mob. +7-919-784-8961



Wizart Animation has compleated the production period of "The Snow Queen" on October, 22. This coincided with the anniversary date: October 22, 1957, the famous "Snow Queen" by Lev Atamanov was released.

The Snow Queen at Red Square Screenings in Moscow on October, 16th 2012

The Snow Queen produced by Wizart Animation (co-production with Bazelevs and Inlay Film) will be presented for international distributors on October 16th, 2012 during Works-in-Progress programm of the Russian international market Red Square Screenings.

To schedule a meeting please write us to: ls@wizartanimation.com — Lika Sidorova, Chief Sales and Development Officer

About Red Square Screenings:

Red Square Screenings, a new international market aimed at showcasing the Russian cinema for the international film community, organized by the Russian Cinema Fund, is to kick off at the GUM Movie Hall in the heart of Moscow from 15 till 20 October, 2012.

Official website: http://rac-cb.com/demo

Nyusha — new voice of Gerda at The Snow Queen movie

Famous Russian singer Nyusha became a new voice of Gerda at The Snow Queen movie.

Wizart Animation at MIPJUNIOR and MIPCOM on October 6-11, 2012

Wizart Animation will present its projects — 3D animated features The Snow Queen and Sheep’n’Wolves and animated series — during MIP JUNIOUR and MIPCOM that will take place in Cannes on October 06-112012.

Our address: RUSSIAN FILM AND ANIMATION PAVILION, level 01, 07.38 / 09.35

To schedule a meeting please write us to: ls@wizartanimation.com — Lika Sidorova, Chief Sales and Development Officer

The Snow Queen at Mir Detstva’12, 25-28th September 2012

The Snow Queen 3D animated feature goods concepts will be presented by All Media company at Mir Detstva’2012, the 18th International Exhibition for Goods and Services for Children and Teenagers.

Contacts: Evgeniy Pivovarov and Ludmila Zlobina http://allmediacompany.ru/o-nas/team/

Address: Expocentre, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 14, Moscow, Russia, 123100

The Snow Queen presentation at KinoExpo’12

The official presentation of the Snow Queen movie during KinoExpo’12 took place on September, 20. New episodes of the feature as well as promo reels were presented to the guests of the exhibition and film industry professionals. The concert of the legendary band BRAINSTORM has become the brightest surprise of the event. Renars Kaupers and Janis Jubalts have performed a song Gori Gori Jasno which is a part of The Snow Queen’s soundtrack along with their hits Maybe and Veter.

You can find more pictures at facebook and vk.

Bazelevs and Wizart Animation will present The Snow Queen at KinoExpo’12

The Snow Queen will be presented by Bazelevs at KinoExpo’12 that will take place in Saint-Petersburg from September 17-212012.

There will be a day of the Snow Queen with decoration of Bazelevs booth and also an official presentation of the movie.

Date of presentation: September, 20 2012, at  20.30-22.30,Conference hall, 7.1., Lenexpo.

Russian Cinema Day

We congratulate all Russian moviemakers with a professional holiday of the industry — Russian Cinema Day!

Wizart Animation at Venice Film Market from August 30 till September 2, 2012

Wizart Animation will be presented by Cinema Fund of Russia at the first Venice Film Market from August 30 till September 2, 2012 during the 69th Venice International Film Festival.

Our address: Booth 7 — Cinema of Russia.

Official web site: http://www.labiennale.org/en/cinema/venice-film-market

Wizart Animation joined professional network Linked In

We are glad to announce that now you can follow us at professional network Linked In.


Wizart Animation at The International Animation Film Market (MIFA) in Annecy on June 06-08 2012

Wizart Animation will present its projects during The MIFA that will take place in Annecy on June 06-082012.

Our address: 4-C19, Russian Animated Film Association Stand

To schedule a meeting please write us to: ls@wizartanimation.com — Lika Sidorova, Chief Sales and Development Officer

About MIFA

The International Animation Film Market (Mifa) is a major event in the world of animation and over the past 25 years has established itself as the leading event on the industry calender.

Official web site: www.annecy.org

First official screening of The Snow Queen animated feature episodes during the Marché du Film in Cannes

First official screening of The Snow Queen animated feature episodes (45 min.) will take place on 22d May 2012 at 1.30 pm at Cinema Star (Star 4) — 98, rue d’Antibes.

Wizart Animation at Marché du Film in Cannes from 16-25th 2012

Wizart Animation will present its projects during the Marché du Film that will take place in Cannes on May 16-25th 2012

Our address: Riviera A7 — Cinema of Russia.

To schedule a meeting please write us to: ls@wizartanimation.com

Contact Lika Sidorova

About Marché du Film:

The Marché du Film will take place in Cannes during the 65th Cannes Film Festival, from 16 to 25 May 2012. The Marché du Film is the business centre of the festival, which attract every year more than 10,000 industry professionals from over 90 countries.

Official web site: http://www.marchedufilm.com/en/

Key persons of Wizart Animation in interview for Render.ru

Key persons of Wizart Animation Studio answered questions about the studio and The Snow Queen animated feature.

More information:


«The Snow Queen» composer Mark Willott is nominated for Emmy

We congratulate «The Snow Queen» composer Mark Willot for his third Emmy nomination in the category of outstanding music composition / Direction / Lyrics (for his work on the NBA basketball All Star Game, and the NBA Playoffs). The ceremony takes place on April 30th.

About Mark Willot:

Mark Willott is an Emmy winning composer and producer from the centre of the UK. He has been involved for many years in the games and TV industry, producing emotional, creative and bespoke music in all genres. Mark won an Emmy for outstanding achievement in composition in 2007 and received his 2nd Emmy nomination in March 2010.

Wizart Animation at Open Animation Festival in Suzdal

Wizart Animation will participate in XVII Open Animation Festival in Suzdal.

This year the Festival will take place from 29 February to 4 March 2012 and supported by Ministry of Culture of Russia.

It’s the unique professional animation forum in Russia wich attract every year all industry professionals from Russia.

Official web site http://www.suzdalfest.ru

Wizart Animation announced the start of international sales of its projects at European Film Market in Berlin

Russian animation studio Wizart Animation opens international sales of the stereoscopic 3D feature film «The Snow Queen» based on the fairy-tale by Hans Christian Andersen at the EFM in Berlin, February 9 — 17, 2012.

The Snow Queen is an animated feature film produced in the best traditions of world animation stereoscopic 3D. It is one of the most anticipated Russian projects of 2012 with a budget of $7 million USD.

The Snow Queen was first presented for international buyers at the American Film Market in November 2011. Olga Sinelshchikova, Business Development Director, explains, «At the AFM, we received very positive feedback from buyers from over 20 territories, including USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, South Korea and China, among others. Due to this fact, we decided to produce a version for international distribution, so this past January we successfully completed the English dubbing with Los Angeles-based production company Verite Films. The dubbing was recorded at Salami Studios with established, veteran animation actors — Cindy Robinson, Doug Erholtz, Kirk Thornton and Wendy Lee — who have more than 200 animated projects in their portfolio. The Snow Queen is now more than ever an international project. We are convinced that this kind of story as well as the stereoscopic 3D technologies have high commercial potential and will attract an extensive audience not only in Russia but worldwide. So we expect to close first deals for this project at the EFM.»

Besides The Snow Queen, Wizart Animation will present another stereoscopic 3D project in Berlin, the animated feature film Sheep’n’Wolves, as well as an animated TV-series currently in development that will be co-produced with international partners.

Trailer for ‘The Snow Queen’ Animated Movie released

The Russian premiere took place in association with the www.kinopoisk.ru movie website on February 5, 2012.

The English trailer was released on the Official Wizart Animation Youtube Channel and supported by Animation Magazine,

Wizart Animation at the European Film Market in Berlin, February 9 — 17, 2012

Wizart Animation will present its projects during the European Film Market that will take place in Berlin on February 9-17th 2012. Besides Wizart the following Russian companies will be presented at Russian Cinema stand, organized by Fund of Cinema: Central Partnership, Bazelevs Distribution, Art Pictures Media, VGTRK, Riki-group, Intercinema.

Our address: Martin Gropius Bau, Stand 104 — Cinema of Russia.

To schedule a meeting please write us to: ls@wizartanimation.com Contact Lika Sidorova.

About EFM:

EFM will take place in Berlin during the 62 International Film Festival, Berlinale, from 9 to 17 February 2012. The EFM is the business centre of the festival, which attract every year more than 7,000 industry professionals from over 90 countries.

Official web site of EFM: http://www.efm-berlinale.de